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Every month we feature a resource guide about an important aspect of your business—including retirement plans, life insurance policies, and much, much more. Each resource guide that we feature will be available for you to download so that you can access our Resource of the Month whenever you need it. It’s the knowledge you need, right at your fingertips!

The Robin Weingast team is always available to discuss these resources in depth. We would be happy to walk you through what they mean for your business and how they can help you reach your business goals. We also welcome your feedback on Resource of the Month Topics that would benefit you. Just email rsw@rswtpa.com with any feedback, and we’ll get right to work finding you the resources you need to stay on top of your game and ahead of the curve!

2017 Resources

November 2017 Resource Guide

Long-Term Care. Download Now.

October 2017 Resource Guide

Four Fall Financial Planning Resources. Download Now.

September 2017 Resource Guide

Annual Financial Review. Download Now.

August 2017 Resource Guide

Planning for Kids Going to College. Download Now.

July 2017 Resource Guide

Individual Disability Income Insurance. Download Now.

June 2017 Resource Guide

The Personal Budget. Download Now.

May 2017 Resource Guide

Sources of Disability Income. Download Now.

April 2017 Resource Guide

Checking Your Credit Report. Download Now.

March 2017 Resource Guide

Planning for Women. Download Now.

February 2017 Resource Guide

The Need for Retirement Planning. Download Now.

January 2017 Resource Guide

Estate Planning Quick List. Download Now.

2016 Resources

November 2016 Resource Guide

Planning for The Sandwich Generation. Download Now.

October 2016 Resource Guide

2017 Open Enrollment Deadlines. Download Now.

September 2016 Resource Guide

General Purposes of Life Insurance. Download Now.

August 2016 Resource Guide

Types of Life Insurance. Download Now.

July 2016 Resource Guide

8 Steps for Successful Succession Planning. Download Now.

June 2016 Resource Guide

Pension Plans For Employers With Employees–
Making the Right Choice. Download Now.

May 2016 Resource Guide

What you Need to Know About an IRA. Download Now.

April 2016 Resource Guide

About the Fiduciary Rule. Download Now.

March 2016 Resource Guide

Ten Reasons to Consider a 529 Savings Plan. Download Now.

February 2016 Resource Guide

Personal Net Worth. Download Now.

January 2016 Resource Guide

Ten Financial Resolutions for 2016. Download Now.

2015 Resources

December 2015 Resource Guide

2016 Plan Limit Changes. Download Now.

November 2015 Resource Guide

Free Retirement Guide. Download Now.

October 2015 Resource Guide

Considerations in The Purchase of Life Insurance. Download Now.

September 2015 Resource Guide

Educating Employees About Your 401 (k) Plan. Download Now

August 2015 Resource Guide

Saving for College. Download Now

June 2015 Resource Guide

Solo 401 (k) Plans. Download Now

May 2015 Resource Guide

Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Combination Plans. Download Now

April 2015 Resource Guide

Retirement Peace of Mind. Download Now

March 2015 Resource Guide

Long-Term Care Tax Issues. Download Now

February 2015 Resource Guide

Estate Planning Checklist: Five Things To Do Now. Download Now

January 2015 Resource Guide

IRA Rollover as a Qualified Plan Conduit. Download Now.

2014 Resources

September 2014 Resource Guide

Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business. Download Now

August 2014 Resource Guide

Fully Insured Defined Benefits Plans. Download Now.

July 2014 Resource Guide

Traditional Defined Benefits Plans. Download Now.

June 2014 Resource Guide

Long-Term Care Costs and Considerations. Download Now.

May 2014 Resource Guide

Combinations of Retirement Plans. Download Now.

April 2014 Resource Guide

Legal Limitations of Life Insurance in Qualified Plans. Download Now.