Resource of the Month: “Educating Employees About Your 401 (k) Plan”

Robin Weingast 401kWith market volatility, there’s a good chance that your employees are also experiencing anxiety about  their retirement plans. Now is the perfect time to make sure your team understands everything they need to know about their 401 (k) plans and to make sure they are contributing enough to meet their long-term goals. 

Not sure how to explain things to them? Our Resource of the Month can help. It will provide you with tips and tools on how to structure information sessions, what information you should include, and how a small investment in time may motivate your team to invest more in their 401 (k) plans.

Download “Educating Employees About Your 401 (k) Plan”

Need assistance making this happen at your company? The Robin Weingast & Associates team is here and ready to help. Contact us today to discuss setting up an employee information session. 


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