Resource of the Month: Solo 401 (k)’s

Robin_Weingast_solo-401k-rulesMaking the right choice about a retirement plan can be daunting – there are so many options and constantly changing regulations. But if you’re one of the almost 15 million Americans who is self employed, choosing the right retirement plan can be even more overwhelming. That may be why close to 70% of self-employed people are not saving for retirement and 30% of self-employed Americans are not saving at all.

Self-employed people have many more options than they may realize, and our latest Resource of the Month focuses on one of the most popular options: a Solo 401 (k). From a rundown on how the plan works to information on how much you can contribute as well as a pro/con list, you’ll have the information you need about this popular option for self-employed people.

Download our June Resource of the Month.

Want to know if a Solo 401 (k) is right for you? Contact the Robin S. Weingast & Associates team for advice on how you can prepare for retirement when you’re your own boss.

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